Has God ever shared a promise for your future that both excited and terrified you?

Have you ever felt like running because the vision God showed you seemed too big? That is usually the way true prophetic promises are.

First, God always does things on a grand scale; pint-size dreams are not in his vocabulary. We see this with Abraham. Not only did God promise him Isaac; God also told Abraham he would be the father of MANY nations. We see proof of that today.

Second, God is wise enough to know that if he gave us promises that were manageable, we would try to accomplish them in our own strength. So, He shows us our future, with limited information on how it is going to come about. This puts us in a position to look to Him constantly for direction, knowing that He alone can bring it to pass.

Psalms 32:8 says that He will instruct and teach us in the way that we should go and that he would guide us with his eye.

God loves when we trust Him to do big things. It allows for him to be glorified in the earth.

So, expand your vision and your horizons because the FIGHT IS FIXED!

This is your season of FAVOR! Favor gives you undeserved access!

Favor open doors and positions you in places and before people you may not be qualified for.  It gives you an advantage that can only come through the supernatural power of God.

You Have Already Defied the Odds! The mere fact that you were born depicts the fighter inside of you to persevere through adverse situations.  
Throughout life challenges will come in all of our lives, but it does not mean we give up in challenging times. There are many examples in Biblical times and current situations where people have overcome odds to change the world.  We’re reminded of Joseph in the bible who defied the odds and went from being in prison to becoming a prime minister.  

We look back just a few years in history and view the life of Helen Keller, who went blind and deaf as a toddler but still was able to learn sign language. She also learned to speak, read lips with her hands, go to school, earn a bachelor’s degree (rare for any woman in her time), and became an author, political activist, and lecturer. When the hand of God is upon you, no weapon formed against you can prosper.  

No matter how old you are or what your failures have been, you can, and you will defy the odds. Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), have proved this to be true. He left school at 13, lost numerous jobs, his wife left him, and at the age of 65, he retired as a failure dependent on his savings and money from social security. One day, knowing he was a good cook, he borrowed some money, fried some chicken, sold it door-to-door, founded Kentucky Fried Chicken and became a billionaire at 88

We both have defied many odds in our own lives to become who we are today only by the grace of God to accomplish something that was deemed impossible. We said NO to our circumstances, refusing to accept the hand we had been given. Our promise was much greater than our pain! However, it was our pain that pushed us into purpose. You will be able to do the same!

You’ve battled through every enemy that attempted to literally knock you out this year. You may have felt like the underdog going in , but because this fight is fixed, you have been declared the winner. Your assurance comes from the word of God in Romans 8:37-39. Realizing no matter what you are facing, it can’t defeat you.

We appreciate your continued prayers and support during this past month. Because of your faithfulness God has allowed us to accomplish great things in seeing souls saved, people set free and families restored.

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