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Thank you for visiting the internet home of LaJun and Valora Cole Ministries. Our mission is to see lives changed and transformed by the power of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that you are blessed by the content you find on our site. Please take the time to get acquainted with our site, sign up for our newsletters and blog. We promise to keep you engaged with fresh content i.e. teaching and training through video, audio, and blog. We ask you to consider partnering with us to take the message of the gospel and to see believers equipped and trained around the world. Thanks in advance for your support.

Lajun & Valora Cole

Pastor and Co-Pastor at Contagious Church

LaJun and Valora Cole are a ministry power team based out of Tampa, Florida. LaJun is an apostolic visionary, innovator, and disciple-maker graced with a strong fathering anointing and Valora is a cutting edge prophetic voice who is internationally known for her ability to ascend into the heavens with an extraordinary anointing to exhort and accurately release prophetic decrees and declarations.

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Conferences & Events

Fearless Mentorship Program

I have developed a personalized plan for you, that will cause you to succeed. I am committed to walk with you in your journey in exceeding your goals.

Even though you have the knowledge, you will also need a coach to guide you through it with ensure success.

Choose the plan that you that you need.

– 3-Month Strategic Intensive Goals –

This plan is designed to help you to accomplish short-term projects and goals, for example, ideas and outlines for writing a book, setting up a course, expert advice on starting a business, or other projects you want to complete.

– 12-Month Fearless Mentorship Program Goals –

I am committed to help you set, accomplish, and exceed your goals in 9 areas of your life for total success:

    • Project management
    • Master, Maximize and Multiply your Niche Marketplace entity.
    • Develop strategic plans that dominate the market in your sector of ministry or business.
    • Begin with the End in Mind
    • Mind Your Business
    • Find, Redefine, Distinguish Your Voice
    • Financial Freedom
    • Put your oxygen mask on you first or Don’t forget to take care of you. ( Self Care)
    • The Pursuit of Christ.
    • Master your Fitness Journey
    • Building Healthy Relationships.
    • Build and expand your network for maximum influence and exposure.
    • Brand, launch and scale your business $25k, $50k, $75k, and $100,000!!
    • Develop and distinguish your speaking voice

I am only accepting 10 people per program that I will be giving my persons time, expertise and resources to.

Take the next step in your progress and join today!

2023 Fearless Conference

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2023 Fearless Conference

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Join The Book Launch Team!

Join our launch team and help us get the word out about Divine Dispatch! Here’s what you would need to do:
  • Read the book.
  • Take a photo with the book and post it on your social media outlets.
  • Download the adjacent flyer and share it on social media.
  • Download the Divine Dispatch video and share it.
  • Remember not to place the link in the post but in the comments section.
  • Post quotes about the book from parts of it that really hit home with you personally.

What This Book Reveals About Being Sent…

Only you can do what He sent you to do.

Throughout the Bible, God sent people like Joseph, Deborah, David, Jesus, and Paul to accomplish His purposes on the earth. You, too, were born with a divine and distinct assignment to make a difference. Yet most of us have trouble recognizing what that actually is–let alone living it out day-to-day.

Filled with practical insights and tangible takeaways, this book will help you discern how the Lord has uniquely equipped you–and for what purpose. You’ll also learn how to master and maximize your gifts and discover how to joyfully carry out His call on your life each and every day.

You were created to become a force of change in the lives of others–to reform, transform, ignite hope, solve problems, and bring healing and deliverance. It’s time to find and fulfill the reason you are here.

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Prophetic Moments
with Lajun & Valora

Powerful, Practical, and Prophetic. The Bible is filled with many prophetic promises that pertain to every believer. Join internationally known authors, leaders, pastors, speakers, and change agents LaJun & Valora Cole as they take a journey through the Bible Their goal is to encourage, empower, and equip you to discover your God-given purpose and potential, develop your gifts, and fulfill your destiny.