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Lajun M. Cole, Sr. and Valora Shaw-Cole

Pastor and Co-Pastor at Contagious Church

LaJun and Valora Cole are a ministry power-team based out of Tampa, Florida. LaJun is an apostolic visionary, innovator, and disciple-maker graced with a strong fathering anointing and Valora is a cutting edge prophetic voice who is internationally known for her ability to ascend into the heavens with an extraordinary anointing to exhort and accurately release prophetic decrees and declarations.


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Do you desire to see and experience transformation, breakthrough and revival?

God’s desire is to have intimate relationship with his people. He desires to answer prayers and have deeper and richer encounters. In the Old Testament altars were physical places but as we entered the New Testament the altar is in our heart. We must build altars of sacrifice, worship and intercession to God now more than ever before. It’s time to Get back to the altar.

• Noah built an alter after experiencing God’s grace and mercy after the flood
• Abraham built an altar after encountering God as Jehovah Jireh: God our Provider
• Gideon built an altar to God after experiencing God as Jehovah Shalom: God of Peace
• Hannah entreated God at an altar while barren and God heard her, and she produced Samuel the first priest, prophet and judge of Israel
• Solomon encountered God at an altar, and he became the wisest and one of the richest men to ever live
• Every King of Israel who worshipped at altars built to God were blessed and those who built false altars to worship idols experienced trouble and turmoil

You too can receive the answer to your prayers and live the life you’ve always believed God for. It will only happen as you build an altar in your heart to God and tear down altars to idols.

In this book La Jun & Valora share with you:
• A biblical understanding of the importance of altars to unlock answers to prayer
• The key to true transformation, breakthrough and revival
• That strange fire and illegitimate altars do not produce breakthrough
• The destiny of future generations are determined by our altar experiences today
• Prayers and declarations for life changing encounters with God

Now is the time for you to take your seat of authority! The earth is waiting on you to be who you were chosen to be. Get ready to rule as a King and Queen with Palace Power.

Since the beginning of time, it was God’s intent that we rule, reign and have dominion in the earth. We’ve been given the example of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, our Champion. He’s given us power and authority over all other powers. Kings and Queens are not born with the skill and understanding that is needed for success, they are made through tests, trials, failures, and adversity. They are taken through a process which is necessary to ensure they are prepared to fulfill their destiny. This book provides essential keys which give you the access you will need to stand in your God-given authority. You will have the knowledge and power to solve problems in the earth, free captives from the power of darkness and advance the kingdom of God.

• In this book La Jun & Valora share with you:
• The Process of the Making of a King & Queen
• The Mindset of a King & Queen
• The Prayer life of a King & Queen
• The Wisdom of a King & Queen
• The Favor of a King & Queen
• The Vision, Creativity and Strategy of a King & Queen
• Royal Decrees and Declarations

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