A misconception is defined according to vocabulary.com as “a conclusion that’s wrong because it’s based on faulty thinking or facts that are wrong.” First appearing in the 1660s, the noun misconception comes from the prefix mis-, meaning “bad, wrong,” and the word conception, meaning “act of conceiving.” A misconception usually results from incorrect thinking or a flawed understanding. We want to discuss a few misconceptions or areas of faulty thinking which we have come across lately.

Misconception #1

Everything which happens wrong in our life is because of the devil.
Contrary to popular belief, everything is not the devil’s fault. Often times, we use this thought as a way to excuse our selves from the responsibility to be accountable and to govern ourselves. Some things, which befall us are a result of our own poor decisions, unrenewed mind, undisciplined flesh, and lack of discernment. Remember, the devil is a defeated foe and we have been given power and authority over all the power of the enemy. Therefore, although I totally believe that the enemy is on the war path against us, I also believe often times we give him far too much credit for things occurring in our lives which are really results of our own volition. For instance, if we fail to pay our bills or fail to maintain our credit and we pay more for things than we would have had we had better credit, is this the work of the devil?  If we live beyond our means and it causes us excess stress, would we consider this the work of the devil? Absolutely not. Likewise, if our health is failing due to lack of exercise or poor eating habits, do we consider this the work of the devil? Absolutely not. Let’s be determined to be responsible for our actions, so that we can truly discern what is really the work of the enemy and what is not. We must be determined to give him as little credit or attention as possible.

Misconception #2

Every leader who has structure and operates in order and excellence has a spirit of Saul.
Saul’s anger towards David was based on his own low self image and therefore anyone who worked with him and out produced or performed him would have been a problem. If is a leader is threatened by everyone in their ministry there, may be need for healing and deliverance, but in my experience, often times this statement concerning someone being a Saul is used by those who like to operate without order or excellence or who have been hurt, let down or disappointed by some leader in their past or people who have never been able to be instructed by anyone. Order is not control and neither are course corrections when necessary. They actually demonstrate love for the individual who is being redirected towards a healthier or more structured plan for success.

Misconception #3

Every member who leaves a ministry has an Absalom Spirit.
Not everyone who feels led to transition from a ministry does so in a manner inconsistent with honor. I believe that many reasons cause people to transition and all of them are not due to being influenced or directed by a rebellious spirit. However, I will say that when there is an outright attempt to assassinate the character of the leader and overthrow the ministry, this is another story. When the son or daughter intentionally, as Absalom did and pulls people to the side to “help them see” what will happen to them if they continue to associate with the leader, with the intent to cause the person to separate, then it is quite possible that there is some malicious intent to assassinate. But again, everyone who transitions from a ministry is not an Absalom.

Misconception #4

Every woman in ministry who is strong and out spoken is operating in a Jezebel spirit.
For many reasons women have to be strong in today’s society. If in fact a woman is strong and this is intimidating to men who are in the same arena, then this is not her problem but theirs. I believe in order and I believe God indeed created man first but just because a woman is strong does not mean that she is Jezebel. However, when she feels she must compete with or control and manipulate men in order to get her way as Jezebel did, this may be an area where wise counsel or healing/deliverance may be necessary to make adjustments. Jezebel in the Bible was very manipulative and much of it stemmed from the fact that her values system from her home country and the religious belief system which she adhered to was totally different from that of the Children of Israel. Her belief system allowed her to gain victory by any means necessary. She was ruthless and she was cut throat. Likewise at the same time we see that God who is the righteous judge was as always in control and in the end she received the recompense of the seeds she had sown. Therefore, the next time we feel that a woman in ministry is Jezebelic we must examine the entirety of scripture and couple it with the discerning of spirits to determine if in fact she is operating in the wrong spirit. But again, just because a woman is strong does not make her a Jezebel.