Our Confidence: The enemy knows that if he can cause us to believe we can’t achieve something, usually we won’t. If he can steal our ability to believe in what God says we can do and be, we will never achieve the fulness of destiny on our lives. We must keep our confidence stirred. We must continue to build it and never allow anything to cause us to lose it.

Our Strength: If he can wear us down and cause us to expend energy on things that are not necessary or expedient, we will eventually burn out before finishing our race. We must learn to discern between Good Ideas and God ideas, as well as diferentiating between those things which are lawful and those which are expedient.

Our Voice: If he can silence our voice, he will ensure that voices who do not represent the King of Kings and Lord of Lords are heard louder than those who do. We must never allow any trial or tribulation or experience to cause us to be silent. (These is a difference between being silent for wisdom sake and allowing oppression, stagnation, opposition and frustration to silence us)

Our Favor: According to my soteriological (doctrinal position on salvation) perspective I believe we cannot lose our salvation but we can lose the joy of it and we can lose the favor that comes with living a life in alignment with the Word and Spirit of God. In addition, I also believe that in some circumstances we can be taken out prior to the time we were originally intended due to disobedience. As Apostle Paul showed us even if we have to “beat ourselves daily” we must do whatever it takes to live consecrated and dedicated lives unto God.

Our Identity: If he can get us to doubt who God says we are end who God created us to be, we will always live beneath your covenant potential, rights and privileges. Remember our identity is in Christ and who He said we are and what He said we are called to do. The rest is irrelevant.

If the enemy can cause us to operate in fear, which is the arch enemy of faith, we will live our lives paranoid and leery of everyone and everything. God didn’t give us this spirit so we shouldn’t allow anything or anyone to cause us to fear. Keep your faith strong.

Remember the devil is a defeated foe but the scripture says he is walking around seeking whom he can devour. Thus, he is looking for someone who is has left their armor home or who has let their guard down. If we leave the door open and he walks in, its just as much our fault because we gave him opportunity.